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Our Company

​The art we pass down has very ancient roots, and in our memories, we can't trace it back further than the mid-1800s.

But certainly, even before that time, some of us were harvesting their olives.

Throughout the years, we have upheld the practice of olive cultivation, considering it more of a passion than a job.

The fifty years of experience we have behind us have allowed us to meet the needs of the growing number of customers who have come to appreciate our oil.

​an increasing number of people have come to appreciate our oil.

Oleificio Alta Maremma was established in 2001 with the goal of optimizing and better managing production and sales.

We still maintain a family-run operation, overseen by Franco and his wife Eliana.

Our many years of experience are at the core of our success in selecting oils, and our skill lies in understanding the customer's needs and turning them into a product that

​fully satisfies them.

We can rely on producers who have been providing us with oils of the highest levels of quality and authenticity for years, consistently confirmed by thorough analyses.

Our art lies in bringing them together to ensure the quality standard that sets us apart.